an                       anthology                    series

x          t           e           n          d          e           d

A new narrative anthology of short stories about the impact of Extended Reality (XR) on human intimacy. 


Virtual worlds, augmented avatars, AI therapists, brain scanning, governance and logistics algorithms; these are exaggerations rather than repressions of our humanity 


P     R    E     M      I     S     E

‘xtended’ is a television anthology of stories examining the impact of extended realities (XR) on human intimacy and labour.

For millions of years, since we picked up the first tools, we have been cyborgs. From clothing to eyeglasses, wristwatches to vaccines, we have always been enhancing our bodies with technology. Now, we’re taking our bodies into a world where deepfakes, personalized media, and AI algorithms are the new normal. Images and simulacra have more agency than ever, and virtual environments, personas and phenomena inspire our fears, desires and relationships.

We are part of a world where it is no longer productive to hold the real and the virtual as binary opposites.

The pace of technological change is faster than our collective ability to think through the implications of our technologically extended bodies; we need new stories to navigate these uncertain times. 

The xtended anthology is currently in-development - reach out to learn more.